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Friday, April 17, 2020 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Since it's almost carnival season (but has been postponed until further notice), I will take you to trip down memory lane with me in last years celebration!

Batabano Carnival  is an annual festival held in the Cayman Islands every month of May. The island is home to more than a hundred nationalities, most (if not all) of which participate in light of community spirit. It is a cultural celebration filled with music, dance, food, costumes, heritage and culture, and ofcourse booze! lol. It is a pretty young carnival that has only been going on for 30 years (thanks to Rotary Club!)

The highlight of the festival is the street parade composed of masquerade bands and *drumroll please.....* exotic costumes! Last years parade started from the Seven Mile Public Beach all the way to George Town Central (approx. 7 miles of walking, dancing, and drinking). The judges are scattered in different locations and each time a band passes the judge's area, the participants dance and whine to the best of their ability for a chance to win prizes!

The music per se is mostly Soca music (Calypso music originated from Trinidad and Tobago). Costumes and makeup are extravagant, tribal, and very aesthetic. If you are a tourist, this is definitely one of the main reasons to watch the parade. As a float comes, they also give a way free booze to everyone.

If you want to join, all you have to do is visit the official website and sign up on one of the bands / costume providers and they will give you the full set including your parade position (either front line, mid line, or back line). Price ranges from $200 to $600!

There are also food parties and bazaars you can hangout in after the parade. Parade participants drink while they walk so by the time they reach George Town Central, everybody is already drunk! (Hopefully everybody is drinking responsibly lol)

One thing about the Caribbean culture that got me awkward at first is the casual twerking and whining. I grew up in a conservative household so it is kinda new to me. Women are unapologetically twerking to any man that comes behind them and it's all for fun! No malice at all! Once the music starts playing, everybody be dancing. Women are proud to show their curvy bodies.

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed my virtual tour to my Batabano 2019 experience. Til next carnival!

All photos are mine~♡


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  1. I love festivals!! We do have a lot of them here as well in Ph. I hope the covid will subside soon so most of them wont be canceled. ��

    1. Yes I hope and pray for that too! I miss going out and about!😄

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  3. Oh my this looks amazing!! I never knew you could pay to take part in it, I've always loved seeing how happy people are doing carnivals.

    1. Ikr! Me too I love watching them and capturing moments! Thanks Michelle💕

  4. Ah very inspiring and helpful, thanks for posting :)

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